Our Showgrounds: 140 Years of success

Melbourne Showgrounds has been the home of the Royal Melbourne Show, Victoria’s largest and most iconic annual community event, since 1883. Since this time Melbourne Showgrounds has grown into Melbourne’s largest and most versatile indoor/outdoor space for events, exhibitions, music festivals, exams, television production and much more.

Melbourne Showgrounds attracts around one million visitors per year (including the Royal Melbourne Show) and contributes to the estimated $430 million* in economic value that the RASV provides to the state of Victoria.

It is an iconic landmark, 26.4 hectares in size, located just 6km from the CBD with fantastic views of the city and more than 20 multi-purpose function and exhibition buildings and structures.

The site continues to change and evolve to suit the needs of Victorians while promoting Victoria’s strong agricultural legacy and maintaining a link between city and country.

Visit the Virtual Museum on the RASV website, an online platform sharing the stories of the organisation’s 170 year history.

* Economic and Social Impact Assessment, Geographica, 12/09/2017